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Apple applies FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) into iTunes, which manages songs purchased from iTunes Store. Most songs purchased from the iTunes Store are encoded in FairPlay-encrypted 128 kbit/s AAC streams in an mp4 wrapper, using the .m4p extension.

Under the restrictions, users can burn a maximum of seven CD copies of any particular playlist containing songs purchased from the iTunes Store, and play the purchased songs on a maximum of five computers.

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However, Apple does not limit the number of iPods to which a purchased song can be transferred. Individual song can be burned to unlimited number of CD copies.

But Apple maintains tight control of FairPlay encryption. Consumers who want to listen to songs downloaded from the iTunes Store must either have an iPod or convert the files to an open format.

And, iPod does not play wma and couples of other files. iPod owners who want to play music from other stores must convert the files from wma, aac and other formats to MP3 first.

Apple's DRM technology can be broken in various ways. For instance, Apple allows these protected files to be burned onto CD. If the user rip them back to computer, the audio files are now unprotected.

However, it would be unpractical for an owner of thousands of songs in iTunes library to have all his songs burned onto CDs. That would cost him both a lot of money and labor. NoteBurner is the leading application adopting virtual burning technology in converting m4p to mp3. NoteCable utilizes virtual recording technology to convert m4p to mp3 with more stable performance.

How to convert DRM protected music into plain format has been concerned by users around the world. Some of them may have m4p and aac songs from iTunes, some of them may have wma songs from Microsoft. And they want to convert m4p to mp3 and wma, convert aac to mp3 and wma, wma to mp3 and ogg, and so on.

Utilizing virtual burning technology, NoteBurner converts the DRM protected music into MP3, WMA and WAV by directly "burn" the CD files onto computer, saving the steps of physical CD burning and ripping.

With magically fast converting speed, NoteBurner has earned the fame and word of mouth.

An alternative way of converting DRM files is to record the "Wave Out Mix" using an audio recording program while playing the song on iTunes - and then encoding it to an open format.

NoteCable is one of the applications that adopt record-to-convert technology to convert DRM music into MP3, WMA and WAV formats.

What's more, NoteCable uses virtual recording technology. It has built-in virtual soundcard. The conversion is processed in background mode.

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