NoteCable: convert m4a m4b m4p to mp3

convert m4a m4b m4p to mp3

Mp4 is the filename extension for MPEG-4 Part 14 files. It's a multimedia container to store audio and video streams with subtitles information. Almost any kind of data can be embedded in mp4.

MP4 was extended from Apple's QuickTime MOV format. Devices that play mp4 files are referred to as MP4 players. Apple Inc. started using and popularizing the .m4a file extension. Basically, there are no typical differences between m4p and m4a.

convert m4a m4b m4p to mp3

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We shall learn these various file extensions derived from the standard mp4 format:

m4a: extension for audio-only MP4 files.

m4p: MP4 files encrypted by FairPlay DRM as sold through Tunes Store use .m4p extension.

m4b: Audiobook files usually use the .m4b extension; some audiobook files use m4a extension. m4b file has bookmark feature.

m4v:MP4 files with audio and video use .mp4 or .m4v extensions, occasionally .mp4v.

3gp: 3gp is a simplified version of mp4 designed for mobile phones application.

Some audiobook owners then attempt to remove DRM protection before the expiration date (if it's applied), with the assistance of audio conversion tools. Since audiobook is usually relatively large file with average playtime of above one hour, it's not easy job for common conversion programs to manage the removal of DRM from audiobook.

Now we are clear that m4p is for the DRM protected content in iTunes Store, while m4a is for the DRM-free, unprotected content.

NoteCable is capable of converting both m4p and m4a music in iTunes library to mp3, wma and wav. With enhancements after the latest upgrade, NoteCable also works well on converting m4b audiobook to mp3, wma and wav.

Since mp4 files (m4p or m4b) contain subtitles information, NoteCable can transmit this information to the converted file. Album information will be reserved and ID3 tags will all be transmitted to mp3 files.

iTunes Store sells billions of songs every year, accounting for more than 80% of worldwide online digital music sales, most of the songs are in the format of m4p. And these m4p songs are limited by Apple on the usage. That's why so many m4p music owners are seeking solutions to free their purchased songs.

As a leading conversion application of virtual burning, NoteBurner is now being downloaded and used world-widely to convert iTunes m4p music to mp3, wma and wav, especially in North America and Europe.

NoteBurner has also the excellent capability of converting m4a and m4b songs to mp3, wma and wav.

Mp4 and its variations are compatible with software like iTunes, QuickTime Player, 3ivx, Media Player Classic, RealPlayer, Winamp, Xbox Media Center, Nero Burning ROM, etc.

Mp4 and its variations are compatible with hardware like iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony PSP, Xbox 360, Zune, etc.

convert m4a m4b m4p to mp3

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