NoteCable Audio Converter: WMA to MP3 Converter

NoteCable Audio Converter: WMA to MP3 Converter

WMA is the abbreviation of Windows Media Audio. It's a compression audio format developed by Microsoft. WMA file is contained in the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) format.

Like mp3 file has ID3 tags, ASF specifies how metadata about the file is to be encoded. Metadata includes song name, artist name, track number, and audio normalization values.

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Even though wma files can be plain, it can support digital rights management (DRM), which is a controversial enforcement on digital intelligence rights protections.

WMA codecs does not contain any DRM. But the ASF container format can has DRM facilities. And WMA file is encapsulated ASF in container. That's to say, in conjunction with Windows Media DRM��wma can be protected files, too.

With the release of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft has imposed harsher DRM limits. WMP 11 does not allow users to backup the rights data for playback or even legitimately copy the DRM-protected music to other computers, unless they receive permission to download new licenses for each computer.

Contrast sharply to Microsoft's harsh limitation, Apple's iTunes allows the license owner of DRM music to self-authorize as many as five computers to get access to the purchased music.

While iPod supports a variety of formats, Microsoft Zune does not even the standard Windows Media DRM system, thus making protected wma files unplayable on the device. This has been rampantly criticized.

Those who are not pleased with the restrictions take into street to claim their rights. And they even try to crack the DRM protection, or bypass the DRM protection, using wma to mp3 converting software to unlock the protection. Converting wma to mp3 is now available from many developers.

NoteBurner is one of the kind. It's the first conversion program that applies virtual burning to remove DRM protection, thus convert protected wma to mp3, as well as m4p to mp3, aac to mp3 and audiobook to mp3.

Due to the virtual burning mechanism, NoteBurner has to work simultaneously with media players, like Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes and so on. Generally, NoteBurner can work with all programs that have burning features and options. NoteBurner works well with audio editing software like Adobe Audition to convert wma to mp3.

NoteBurner program will install a virtual driver called NoteBurner Virtual_CD-RW to convert wma to mp3. The most critical step before starting converting is to set NoteBurner Virtual_CD-RW as the current burner.

If you have huge amount of songs in wma format, then you may have NoteBurner and Windows Media Player run together to convert those wma songs to mp3. Make sure you have selected NoteBurner virtual driver (Usually appears as CD Drive (G:)/(H:) - Audio CD) as the default burner before proceeding to click the start burn button to convert wma to mp3.

Mind you, Windows Media Player 11 imposes very restrict limits on the usage of DRM-protected music. So it's not compatible with NoteBurner and couples of other burning facilities and programs. Therefore, there's no way to convert wma files to mp3, ogg, or other formats, if the conversion adopts burning strategy.

DRM protected wma music is available for download from Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Napster, Rhapsody, MTV's URGE and Virgin Digital. If you wish to have them playable on other devices, you may convert wma to mp3.

Besides Windows Media Player, WMA is supported by MPlayer, RealPlayer, Winamp and many other media players. Real Networks has even announced plans to support playback of DRM-unprotected WMA files in RealPlayer for Linux.

Software that can export audio in WMA format includes Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Expression Encoder, RealPlayer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Adobe Soundbooth.

NoteCable records your copy-protected m4p music as they are being played and saves the recordings as unprotected audio (plain MP3, WMA, WAV) files. Fully automatic, NoteCable frees you from the hassles of copy protection without defeating the DRM copy-protection technology used by your audio files. This means it will function with all copy-protection measures, and it's completely legal.

NoteCable M4P to MP3 Audio Converter is quite easy to use, but the time needed to convert the music is longer than to burn the music by the virtual burning program, NoteBurner.

WMA to mp3 converter

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