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An M4P converter freeware allows the owner of protected audio files such as those purchased from Apples' iTunes to either remove the DRM protection from the file or convert the file into a variety of other audio formats such as MP3 or WAV. These formats can then be used for creating audio CDs or opened for listening by other media players or devices.

The legality of removing DRM protection from purchased music has yet to be fully addressed in several countries. In the United States however, it is unlawful to circumvent such protected works without permission from the copyright owners. Each country's laws are different in the matter of copyright protection and one should check with their respective local laws.

NoteCable M4P Converter freeware provide an easy and completed way to convert between various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA, M4P, M4A, AAC. One of featured function is that M4P Converter freeware can convert M4P to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, M4a, AAC with the fastest speed and perfect output audio quality if you are Windows iTunes user, It is a M4P Converter. You can convert M4P to MP3 easily.

Convert DRM protected music WMA, M4P, AA, M4B to MP3

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M4P Converter freeware frees Protected Music, AA Audio Books from Copy Protection: Fast and Legal!

iTunes M4P Converter is a professional DRM copy protected remove program that can remove DRM from iTunes music and movie files. As iTunes converter, you can convert iTunes to MP3 fast and easy. As M4P converter, you can easily convert M4P to MP3.

MAC M4P Converter convert any iTunes music to mp3 or AAC on Mac . It easily converts DRM protected iTunes m4p to mp3, m4a to mp3, m4b to mp3, m4p to AAC and various audio files to unprotected MP3 file formats at high speed, with CD quality.

NoteBurner M4P to MP3 Converter converts any unprotected music and DRM protected music files (such as M4P, WMA, M4B) to unprotected MP3, WAV, WMA formats with Virtual CD-RW drive. Virtual ripping, burning, encoding are within only ONE click.

Audio CD Burner lets you use virtual CD burner to convert any unprotected music and DRM protected music files (such as M4P, WMA, M4B) to unprotected MP3, WAV, WMA formats. Virtual ripping, burning, encoding are within only ONE click.

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When a track won't play on your MP3 player, NoteCable M4P Converter comes to the rescue!

Have you been frustrated because your MP3 player wouldn't support the DRM copy-protection format? Problem solved! Just import protected WMA and M4P music files into NoteCable. NoteCable M4P Converter plays your files in the background using High-Speed Digital Dubbing, automatically records them while they are playing, and saves the recordings as unprotected MP3, WMA, or WAV files that can be played on any music devices such as iPod, MP3 player, CD player, cellular phone or PC. .

Virtual Audio Cable : No Need of Audio Card.

Currently the physical sound recording drivers only permit a single application to playback audio on standard soundcards. NoteCable M4P Converter uses the "Virtual" recording method to remove this restriction and provide up to as many virtual sound devices as possible. In this way, NoteCable M4P Converter speeds up the sound recording and audio conversion.

NoteCable M4P Converter installs Virtual Audio Cable which is a Windows WDM multimedia driver allowing you to transfer audio (wave) streams from one application to another. It creates a set of "Virtual Cables" each of them consists of a pair of the waveform input/output devices. Any application can send audio stream to an output side of a cable, and any other application can receive this stream from an input side. All transfers are made digitally, providing NO sound quality loss.

"Hearty congratulations to the designers of this fantastic utility!! I've been waiting a long time to 'free my iTunes' to use on my Walkman mobile phone, and the only way I could do it before was to burn to CD then rip back again. A very lengthy process, which normally ended up full of faults and a lot of wasted disks!! Not any more!!" -- Comments from David Bower

NoteCable M4P Converter has been used and praised by numerous users around the world as an ideal solution for converting various audio or music files to MP3,WMA or WAV formats.

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Version 1.21

Support Various Audio Formats

NoteCable M4P Converter can convert almost all music formats that your media player freeware support. It supports almost all media player freeware such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealOne Real Player, Napster.

For example, NoteCable M4P Converter supports iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Zune, Yahoo Music, Sony Connect, MusicMatch, MSNMusic, MusicLoad, MTV / urge, MusicNow, BuyMusic, AOL Music, Virgin Digital, Beon Music, Peer Impact, iMusica, Wal-Mart, AOL MusicNow, Audible, connect-europe, akuma, Listen JP, ongen, hmv, Bigpond Music, Soundbuzz, digirama, imusica, cdigix, cingular mMode, puretracks, metro tunes, fnac.

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