Remove DRM control to convert M4B to MP3, M4P to MP3, M4A to MP3

How to Remove DRM Legally?

The way we mentioned here does not crack anything, but convert the music you have purchased and you must have the license to the music. Not every one has an iPod or a Zune, so it is really inconvenient for people who don't have such player but want to play music on other music devices, such as normal MP3/MP4 player and mobile phones.

NoteCable offers to record your copy-protected WMA files as they are being played, then saves the recordings as unprotected MP3 audio files you can use anywhere.

Convert DRM protected music WMA, M4P, AA, M4B to MP3

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There are two common-use methods:

-- Burn to CD --

The most reliable way to convert copy-protected songs to plain MP3 (or any other format) is to use your music player to burn them to a standard audio CD, and then rip the files from the CD to the format you want. This can be done even with many popular music players, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and Real Player, but you must have a CD burner.

Make sure you configure your jukebox program to burn audio-format CDs. In most cases the ID3 tag information (song title, artist, genre, etc.) will be transferred to the new file, but in all cases you'll need to re-embed any album artwork. In iTunes, you need to check CD Text option in Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Burning menu to keep ID3 tag information.

For standard burning, you need to select the burner in music player first off and then choose music to burn. After this, you have to rip music burned on disc again back to computer. The disadvantage of course, is the cost of the blank CDs and the time to rip. (However, this problem is partially solved by using CD-RW discs, which can be erased and reused.) The advantage is that this approach should work every time.

You can also burn audio CD by using virtual burning technology if you don��t have a burner or want to waste discs. While for virtual, burning, you can simply use the virtual burner provided by the tool, such as NoteBurner (, to burn selected purchased music. By this method, you don��t need to rip back the music. The virtual disc provided is actually the space on your local hard drive. This kind of tool can be used to convert M4P music purchased from iTunes and protected audio books.

-- Audio Recording --

Another method for converting copy-protected audio files to plain format is to play them through any program that supports the format and record the audio via your sound card. Once the audio is recorded, you can save it to the new format and import it into your music player or other portable devices.

For this approach to work, you must have a full-duplex sound card, which can play and record at the same time. Most new sound cards are duplex, but many older sound cards (and many of those built into the motherboards of notebook computers) are not. In this case, use a stream ripper program, such as Audacity, a pretty good free software, to record the audio. But Audacity does not currently support WMA, AAC, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats.

Currently, there are many tools using virtual sound card to record in the market, such as NoteCable. These programs use a virtual full-duplex sound card to record the protected music while it is being played in it. By these tools, the virtual sound card is totally independent from your original sound card, so you can play any other music with your Jukebox while recording the music.

Free Your Protected Music, AA Audio Books from Copy Protection: Fast and Legal!

NoteCable is a powerful, yet simple audio converting tool to bypass DRM control with a virtual audio recording method. It records any copy-protected music and audio book files (M4P, WMA, AA and M4B) as they are being played and saves the recordings as unprotected audio files (MP3, WMA or WAV) you can enjoy anywhere. Within a few clicks, NoteCable enables you to easily convert any protected music to plain MP3 and enjoy it on any music devices such as iPod, Zune, MP3 player, CD player, cellular phone or PC - without any restrictions or DRM protection.

NoteCable's clever approach has been reviewed and praised by numerous computer journals and internet portals around the world as the ideal and totally legal solution for creating private copies of copy-protected files.

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