How To Use NoteCable Atunes Music Converter

How to Register NoteCable Atunes Music Converter Windows

Step 1: Please click the "Key" icon or click the "Menu" icon on the upper right and then select "Register". Or click on the Key icon icon directly. There will be a registration pop-up dialog, where you can copy and paste your registration e-mail and license code to get the program registered.

register NoteCable Atunes Music Converter

Step 2: Then copy and paste the registration Email and Code you received into the registration popup window.

Note: The registration information is case-sensitive. And, please do not add a blank at the beginning or the end of the word.

How to Use NoteCable Atunes Music Converter to Download Apple Music

Step 1: After downloading and installing NoteCable Atunes Music Converter, please launch the program and click "Open Apple Music Web Player". Then you can follow the prompt to sign in with your Apple ID.

Note: NoteCable will not take any information out of your account.

NoteCable Atunes Music Converter main interface

Step 2: Click on the Setting button button on the upper right corner to customize the output settings: Output Format (Auto/MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF), Output Quality (320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps) and Output Path. Besides, you can customize the name of the output folder and how you like the audio files to be organized, and so on. If you don't change the output path, the output audio files will be saved under the default folder.


  • If you choose "Auto" as the output format, NoteCable will convert music at a faster speed.
  • For better organizing your music library, you can save the output audio files into the folders sorted out by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, or Album/Artist. In addition, NoteCable allows you to customize the name of the output files and save the output audio files in the same order as the original playlist.

Customize output settings

Step 3: Choose a playlist, artist, or album and open it, then click the "Add" Add icon button at the bottom right corner. You will see a pop-up dialog that display the songs that you can convert. Just select the songs you want to convert.

add apple music

Step 4: Click on the "Convert" button to start converting the selected songs to the output format you chose.

convert apple music

Step 5: Just wait for a while, NoteCable Atunes Music Converter will save the selected songs to the folder that you set before. And click the "history icon" History icon on the top menu, you will quickly manage all downloaded songs.

conversion history


NoteCable Atunes Music Converter allows you to download the program for a try before buying. The free trial version is limited to convert 3 files at a time and allows you to convert the first 3 minutes of each audio. To unlock the time limitation, you need to register for the program.