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How to Download Songs from Apple Music to Computer

Apple Music is now the second-largest streaming music service in the world. It allows users to transform more than 100 million songs to their devices on demand. No doubt, you need to pay for the service. But many users find that even though they pay for this service when they want to download Apple Music songs to the computer and save it, there is no way to do it. And after they cancel the subscription, they can't enjoy the Apple Music songs anymore, even the songs downloaded before.

It's sad, isn't it? But today, read this article, you will get the answer on how to download the Apple Music songs to your computer and have it forever.

download songs from apple music to computer

part 1. Why Download Apple Music Songs to Your Computer?

Downloading Apple Music songs to your computer not only gives you more storage space to keep your favorite music. It also allows you to store music in the format you like. And, you can use this music anywhere. For example, you can put them into your short video as background music, into PPT, into a vlog. You can even mix several pieces of music to form a new song. So, let's download Apple Music songs to your computer and start an amazing journey

part 2. How to Download Apple Music Songs to Computer?

The Tool you need

Without a doubt, if you want to download songs from Apple Music to a computer, you need a particular tool firstly. NoteCable Atunes Music Converter will be a good choice for you. It can help you to download songs from Apple Music with 10X faster conversion speed. And you can convert songs to the AAC/ALAC/FLAC/MP3/WAV/AIFF format. Even more surprising is that you needn't install any apps. With the help of NoteCable Atunes Music Converter, enjoy your Apple Music songs whenever and wherever you are.

notecable atunes music converter

NoteCable Atunes Music Converter

  • Download playlists and albums from Apple Music Web Player.
  • Convert Apple music tracks, albums, playlists to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/ALAC/AIFF.
  • Keep ID3 tags and lossless audio quality.
  • No need to install Apple Music apps.
  • Support converting songs at 10X faster conversion speed.
  • The Specific steps

    Notice: All the steps below must be done within the valid subscription period of your Apple Music. Unsubscribing will not affect you immediately, as your account is valid until the next payment date. If you don't have an account, you can apply for one, and you'll get a 3-month trial.

    Step 1Downloading and Run the NoteCable Atunes Music Converter

    Firstly, you need to download and install the NoteCable Atunes Music Converter on your computer. And then launch it. After that, you can choose App Mode or Webplayer Mode as your conversion mode.

    two modes

    Step 2Sign into Your Apple Account

    After choosing Webplayer mode, follow the prompt to sign in with your Apple ID.

    log in with apple account

    Step 3Choose the Output Format 

    Click the "Setting" section to select the Output Format, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Output File Name, and Output Organized (way) you want.  But if you choose Auto as the output format, NoteCable will convert music at a faster speed. For better organizing your music library, you can save the output audio files into the folders sorted out by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, or Album/Artist. If you skip the step, it will default you to select Auto as the output format. In addition, NoteCable allows you to customize the name of the output files and save the output audio files in the same order as the original playlist.

    choose the output format

    Step 4Select the Songs You Want to Download

    Open an album, artist, or playlist you favorite. And click the "Click to add" button to choose the songs you want to download to your computer. Finished that, click the "Convert" button to start to convert.

    select songs to download

    Step 5Check the Downloads

    Just wait for a while, NoteCable Atunes Music Converter will save the selected songs to the folder you set before. And you can click the "Converted"  part will find the songs you downloaded.

    check doenloaded songs


    Have you ever been confused because Apple Music can't download songs to your computer? Have you ever felt sad that you couldn't enjoy your favorite music because your Apple Music subscription was not valid? Don't worry! In this article, your confusion will be resolved. And the joy of enjoying music will replace your previous sadness. Because the NoteCable Atunes Music Converter solves all your puzzles.


    If you are a loyal fan of Apple products, it’s well worth downloading NoteCable Atunes Music Converter. This easy-to-handle program is good at converting Apple Music into a plain format. The converted files have high compatibility and you are share the songs with people around you via various ways. Instantly become the member of NoteCable and you will get the full version with an optimum price.

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